When Victoria McDonald Sinquefield was only twelve years old, she knew that one day, she would become a teacher. Teaching was her lifetime dream. In her mind, being a teacher wasn’t just a job; it was a calling, and she took this calling very seriously. Victoria felt a huge responsibility for each of her students, and she had a special concern for those who were struggling. It was her job to find out where each student was academically, and move them forward. That often meant giving certain children extra attention by helping them after school and often times during the summer.

Life threw Victoria a curve when her husband became very ill and needed her at home, so she took an early retirement in order to be with him.  Soon, Victoria realized that her teaching days weren’t completely over. She still had a burning desire to help kids learn. She often laid awake at night thinking about the dilemma of kids who needed extra help but couldn’t get it because their parents couldn’t afford the cost of tutoring.

From these concerns, an idea began to form; tutoring that was affordable! Victoria could provide that! So Expert Tutoring was born in her home, with just a few students and a commitment to devote her time to helping them succeed for the lowest price possible. This allowed parents to send their kids to tutoring several days per week for the entire school year, and Victoria could make a genuine difference in their academic lives. They could actually feel real success!

It wasn’t long before Expert Tutoring grew. At the same time, Victoria was needed to help care for her parents, so she and her husband moved to another state. She left Expert Tutoring in the capable hands of her son and daughter-in-law, Shannon and Jennifer McDonald. They continue to move Expert Tutoring forward with the same caring and commitment in which it began.

Victoria has dedicated her life to educating children.  She continues to watch over the business (from the sidelines) and offer assistance. She couldn’t be prouder of Expert Tutoring’s success; especially because they are able to tutor more students with the same care and commitment that started the business; and they continue to help students succeed at a VERY AFFORDABLE price.