Reading comprehension

Basic reading skills for beginning readers

 Math (Basic up to Calculus and everything in between)

 Language Arts


 SAT and ASVAB preparation




What We Provide

Free assessment:  We provide a written and oral evaluation to assess what your child knows and doesn’t know.  It includes math skills, knowledge of math facts, reading comprehension, reading fluency, spelling and writing skills. We then start from that level and move them forward. 

Homework help:  Homework is the window into what is currently being taught!  Students receive immediate help with homework so they will keep from falling behind.  Homework needs to be complete, correct, and understood.

Skill building:  We teach key concepts that haven’t yet been mastered.  We don’t just give answers; we teach strategies so students can FIND answers on their own; thus creating a self-sustaining, confident learner. 

Test Preparation:  Confidence helps the student overcome test anxiety.  We teach time management, organization, and study techniques.   We help the student to be prepared for any test from simple quizzes to state exams.  They can learn to embrace the opportunity to show what they know!

Consistency:  We do our best to keep students with the same tutor so that the tutor can meet the needs of the individual student.   We also find it builds a relationship between the tutor and student helping the student to feel more comfortable and trusting.

Communication:  Our tutors provide weekly updates via email on the progress of your child’s tutoring sessions.  We are available to be in communication with your child’s teacher if the extra support is wanted. 

Quality time at home:  Parent/child relationships are not compromised because parents are not desperately trying to get their child to do homework. We take care of that! 

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