Top Five Tips to Help Your Child Solve Common Math Problems

Let’s face it! Math is downright difficult at times, so ensuring your child is properly prepared can help ease their anxiety when faced with difficult math problems to solve. These top 5 tips will give your child the confidence they desire when tackling any math problem.


It’s Okay Not to Know


Letting your child know that it is completely okay when they do not understand a problem will alleviate some of the pressure they may be under. Positive re-enforcements will help build your child up and remind them that they are capable of anything they put their mind to. With proper encouragement and preparation there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.


Identify What Steps Your Child Struggles With


Have your child complete an example problem so you can identify where they are misunderstanding. Once you have an idea, you can help them better understand the steps they are missing to complete the math problem. Allow your child to brainstorm different ways to figure out the math problem before you explain it to them so they can learn critical thinking on their own.


Acknowledge The Efforts Put Forth


Even if your child is not doing a math problem properly, it’s extremely important to acknowledge their efforts so they do not become discouraged. Let them know that their determination is important, but as a parent it’s important to support them while re-directing them to the proper solution. When you praise your child for doing the right thing, it encourages them to open up their mind to different ways of learning.


Schedule a Meeting With The Teacher


Scheduling a meeting with your child’s teacher will give you a better understanding of how math problems are explained in class. If your child is learning different ways to complete a math problem, it can cause confusion when completing work at school vs home. Once the teacher explains her teaching process, then incorporate that process when completing problems at home so your child can excel and gain confidence in his work.





Hire a Tutor


Investing into your child’s education sets the standard for them early on. Math can be very confusing and frustrating for a child that is struggling to understand. Hiring Expert Tutoring can assist with problem solving, confidence building and ensuring your child’s test scores are above average.



Math problems can be intimidating, so understanding your child’s strength and weaknesses is the first step to setting them on the path to success in school. With encouragement, persistence and the proper help, your child will be a math wizard in no time. Contact Expert Tutoring if your child is in need of immediate math assistance 661-266-3334. We specialize in your child’s confidence!


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